Ms Donohue's Class

Monday 27th April

Good Morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!   Thank you to the children who have emailed me so far to let me know they have their books. Feel free to drop me an email to let me know you have access to your textbooks.   We...

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Friday 24th April 2020

Good Morning everyone! Happy Friday!   Thanks for all the emails you have been sending me! I love seeing your work! If you haven’t got a chance to email yet feel free to send one along today and let me know if you have your textbooks ready for next Monday!...

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Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning everyone! I hope you are all having a great week!   It has been so lovely to receive emails from some of you and it’s great to know how you are all getting on with the work!   From next Monday on you will be using your textbooks for Maths...

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Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning everyone! Well done with this week’s work so far!   A big thanks to all of the children who have emailed me to let me know how they are getting on with the work.   **Today, can I ask all parents / guardians to send me an email to...

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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning everyone! I hope you all got on okay with yesterday’s work! Please keep an eye on my blogs this week as the way I set work might change a little. I will give you all the guidance you need before that happens!   A big thank you and well done to the...

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Monday 20th April

Good Morning everyone! I hope you all a lovely Easter! I know it might be hard not being back and school with all your friends this week, but you and your families are doing great by staying at home and keeping everyone safe! You are especially doing great at keeping...

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Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Today is the beginning of the Easter holidays! I have posted some nice easy Easter themed work for today. I hope you enjoy it and have fun! Well done to everyone is doing their best to keep up with school work. I can’t wait to hear...

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Thursday 2nd April

Good morning 3rd and 4th class! Work for today is up on the blog! I hope some of you were able to tune into Brian’s music lesson yesterday and that you enjoyed it! For maths today, 3rd class you will be working on a times tables challenge again. This is an Easter code...

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Here are some photos of our class activities. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.