Good Morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!


Thank you to the children who have emailed me so far to let me know they have their books. Feel free to drop me an email to let me know you have access to your textbooks.


We will be using our Starlight book for Literacy today and our Planet Maths book for Maths.


For Literacy, I have uploaded video clips of me reading the story out loud just as we do it in class. I have also videoed myself reading the questions for you. If you find it helpful when I read the story first, please use the videos before you do your questions. Please do your questions into your First Steps yellow Manuscript Copy. I would like you to do:

Monday  – section A

Tuesday – section C

Wednesday – section D

Thursday – section E


For Maths, I will tell you what page and questions to work on in the Maths section below.

Here are your tasks for today:

Email: send an email to Me at

4th & 5th Class:

Planet Maths: Topic 16 Chance. Page 95 Question B. 1 & 2

Starlight: page 146 ‘How are Comic Books Made?”. Read story. Answer Section A 1-5.

3rd Class:

Maths: See ‘Blackboard’ page for your work set by Mrs Murphy

Starlight: page 146 ‘How Does the Human Eye Work?”. Read story. Answer section A 1-5.

4th Maths – Chance PPT