Good Morning everyone! Happy Friday!


Thanks for all the emails you have been sending me! I love seeing your work! If you haven’t got a chance to email yet feel free to send one along today and let me know if you have your textbooks ready for next Monday!


From next Monday on:


Literacy, I will be uploading a video where I will read the story from our Starlight book to you. You can read along with me. I will then record a separate video of me reading through all the questions to help you! This can be done in your ‘First Steps’ manuscript copy. I will tell you which questions to complete each day so keep an eye on this blog.


For Maths, I will be telling you what page to go to and what questions to do. This can be done in your maths copy.


The videos and all the information you need will be uploaded to this blog! Any questions about it, just send me an email at any time!


Here are your tasks for today:

Email: send an email to Me at


3rd Class – multiplication challenge

4th Class – multiplication challenge

Literacy & SESE:

3rd & 4th

Spelling- correct the spelling mistake

Literacy- In your First Steps copy you now have at home, write a short paragraph on what you’ve learned about Earth Day 2020 from yesterdays Reading Comprehension.


Click on this link to learn how to draw The Earth to celebrate Earth day last Wednesday April 22nd


Today I’ve posted another link. Click on this and it will take you to a video that Heather, our violin teacher, made for you all. You don’t need a violin to participate. Enjoy!


Keep up with Joe Wicks PE classes on YouTube


Say a prayer for those in need during this difficult time. See if anyone in your home needs help with anything

3rd & 4th Spelling

3rd Maths – Multiplication

4th Maths – Multiplication