Ms Nally's Class

Tuesday April 28th

Thank you to everyone who logged into Seesaw. If anyone still needs a code, please email and I will send one to you. The videos for today's work are available on the seesaw page. Please continue to upload your children's comleted work to the app....

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Monday April 27th

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Thank you to everyone who logged in to Seesaw. The English and Maths videos have been posted there for today. Pictures of the children's work can also be uploaded directly to the app. The app will work on phones or tablets and you...

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Friday April 24th

Hello everybody! Keep up the great work and if you can, send pictures to so I can see how the children are getting on! Today in English we will be working on writing sentences about super heroes! The children will practice using capital letters and...

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Thursday April 23rd

Hello everybody! Well done to everyone who sent on work! I am so impressed with how many story books everyone is reading! Keep up the great work. We will be moving on in our Planet Maths and Starlight books next Monday but in the mean time, you could see if your child...

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Wednesday April 22nd

Thank you to everyone who collected their books yesterday! We will be continuing on in both Starlight and Planet Maths together next Monday. In English today we will be building up our vocabulary. Try to name all the words to do with 'wet' you can think of -rain, damp...

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Tuesday April 21st

Hello everyone! I was so impressed with everybody's work yesterday and I am delighted that some of you had lovely neat writing! Well done and keep it up! Remember, if you can, please send pictures of the children's work to so I can see how they are...

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Monday April 20th

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter! Hopefully we will be back in school soon but until then we are going to keep working online! Today we will working on prepositions in English. We did lots of work on this in school but here is a reminder as to what a...

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Friday April 3rd

Today we will be doing some fun Easter activities! I have attached some maths sheets, a wordsearch and an activity where you have to follow directions to design an Easter egg. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before you begin! Here is the link to a video...

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Thursday April 2nd

I hope everybody had a fun day yesterday! Today we will  be re reading 'Saving Easter' (which can be found on yesterday's blog) and filling out our story maps. Story map 1: Write, talk and draw about the story using these question words. Who is it about? What happens...

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Here are some photos of our class activities. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.