I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Thank you to everyone who logged in to Seesaw. The English and Maths videos have been posted there for today. Pictures of the children’s work can also be uploaded directly to the app. The app will work on phones or tablets and you can also sign in on a computer. I have attached an image of the QR code needed to join the class group below. If you are having issues, please email me at stcolum12@gmail.com. Here are the instructions for logging on in case anyone needs them:

1. Download Seesaw Class app

2. Select ‘I am a student’.

3.Scan the QR code.

4. Select your child’s name.

Today’s work:

1st Class:

Planet Maths: page 109.

Starlight: Read page 38 and answer ‘A’ on page 39.

2nd Class:

Starlight: Read page 38 and answer ‘A’ on page 39.

Maths: Please see the ‘Blackboard’ page for your work from Mrs Murphy.   http://stcolumbanus.ie/2nd-class-maths/

Keep up the great work everybody!

Ms Nally