Good morning everyone! It is a lovely day today! A big happy birthday to Ella who is 6 today! I hope you have a lovely day Ella and I’m sure we will be back in school soon to sing you Happy Birthday!

Please see some activities you can do with your child today.

Word work: Please see attached Wednesday’s words your child can practice today.

Jolly Phonics: Sounds revision. Revise sound oa again today. See Jolly phonics songs on youtube (see previous blog posts for Jolly Phonics video). Children sing song, write sound and together think of some words that have the oa sound e.g. oats. Encourage your child to use their knowledge of rhyming words to think of more words.

Maths: Oral Maths: Name the days of the week and question children; What days are the weekend? What days are we in school? What day comes after Monday? What day will it be in two days’ time?

Please see this fun days of the week song to help your child practice!

Active Maths:

Revise 2D shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, heart, oval, hexagon)

Use the YouTube video 2D Shapes I know to count sides and corners of the 2D shapes

Shape hunt: Find and name all of the above shapes in the environment if possible, e.g. around the kitchen, in the garden etc.

Reading: Please continue to encourage your child to read as much as possible during this time. New story in reader: Cow takes a bow. One/two pages of reader is enough, but please read more if your child would like to.

Optional activity: Letter Formation: letter b from the letter formation booklet. If you cannot print the booklet children can practice letters in a copy/on a piece of paper. Please ensure letters are starting in the right place.

Music: Sing and dance your way through this Easter bunny song to finish up your learning today! Hop Hop Little Bunny

Have a lovely day everyone!

letter formation booklet a-z March 23-27

sight words 23rd-26th March