I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend! Could parents please keep an eye on their emails today. I will be emailing everyone with an access code for Seesaw. Seesaw is an online learning tool where I can upload activities for the children to do. From Thursday onwards I will be using Seesaw to upload school work. All of the work submitted by the children will be filed in their personal Seesaw folder. I will be able to give feedback on this platform too. I will email you with instructions on how to login and also to give you your unique access code for your child’s profile. Please familiarise yourself with Seesaw today and tomorrow I will begin to upload onto it.

Reading: I will be introducing a new word list on Monday. Please re read pgs. 3-10 from last week. Read two new pages today pg. 11 & 12.

Go to pg. 15 of your Starlight skills book. Do you remember these two sight words from our previous story? Colour the words of and go. Find and circle the words of and go. Trace the words. Read the sentence and choose a word to go into each of the blank spaces.

Writing: Today for your writing could you write your news for me please. What did you do at the weekend? Where did you go? Who did you go with? What did you see?  About 3-4 sentences. E.g. Today is Wednesday. It was a lovely sunny weekend. I went for a walk. We had a barbecue for dinner. Ask somebody to write the news first for you on a piece of paper and you can copy it into your copybook afterwards. Draw a nice picture at the top half of the page to illustrate.

Maths: Go to pg. 87 of your maths book. Draw one extra item in each set. Count how many items you now have in the set and write the number in the box beside it.

Aistear: I’m sure you are all missing doing Aistear in school. You can make your own Aistear/role play corner space at home using teddies, puppets, dolls. You can involve any siblings in this too. Try to engage in 30 minutes of imaginative or role play every day.