Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping well.

Please see below some activities your child can do today.

Jolly Phonics: Last week you worked on the sound er. Take a look at the song on youtube, sing the song and practice the actions. See if you can see any er words in your kitchen/sitting room. I would like you to do a page in your Sounds make Words book now. Open page 67 and do the er sound page. Remember to use your best writing!

Take a picture of your work if you can and email me at Thank you to those of you who have emailed me- it is lovely hearing from so many of you. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Maths: What day is it today? What day will it be tomorrow? Choose a number and count on from that number as far as you can go without making a mistake.

You have been working very hard on the money topic. You have got super at adding cent. Take a look at this money game

Choose euro coins by clicking on the European flag. Click on counting and click on single coins to 10c. Add up the coins in the piggy banks.

Use your fingers, cubes or a number-line to help you add up if you need to.

Planet Maths: pg. 112 of the big book.

Reading: All about Whales. Read pages 40, 41 and 42 to finish the story

Word Work: Please see attached words for this week. Please do Wednesday’s words today.

Handwriting: Please do a page from your small handwriting book today

Have a lovely day everyone! Remember to email me any pictures of work or if you have any questions.

Word Work words 27th April- 1st May