Make sure you revise your ‘y’ sound that we learnt yesterday. Watch the YouTube video again and practice the four different categories (sound introduction, letter formation, word practice, rhyme) in the ‘y portfolio’ on sounds make words. I’ve attached a ‘y’ worksheet below. If you don’t have access to a printer just discuss with mum or dad what pictures begin with the ‘y’ sound.

I hope you are all continuing to practice your reading every day. I will be uploading a new word list on Monday so please ensure you are confident reading ‘The Duck Pond’ before progressing.

What are some of the signs of spring? If you’re going for a walk today have a look for some signs of spring which you might see along the way. Have a listen to the song ‘Spring is Here’ and join in with the different dances! Take a look at the different pictures in the spring powerpoint attached below. For some writing practice today I’d like you to write a list of some of the things you see in spring on the writing frame attached. You can draw a nice spring picture for me too! For anyone that doesn’t have access to a printer write the list in your copy and draw your picture on the top half of the page.

Do you remember the 4 shapes we learnt about in maths? Circle, square, rectangle and triangle. Here’s a nice maths game to help you practice the 4 shapes:

y phonics worksheet

spring writing

spring powerpoint