Today we will be working on our comprehension strategies; making predictions, making connections and questioning. I have attached a short story called ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’ for the children to read aloud. Encourage the children to use their comprehension strategies while reading using the following language:

Predictions: I have a prediction/ I predict that_______

Connections: I connect with this story because________

Questioning: I wonder who/ what/ where/ when/ why/ how_______

Each strategy has a different hand gesture and I’ve attached a sheet showing each one so the children can practice using them.

In maths, we will be building on our skip counting work from last week. I have attached a worksheet below for the children to complete. If you get stuck, revisit the songs from last week to practice!

Here is a song that the children love to sing as Gaeilge in school. Ask them to teach you the moves!

Have an incredible day!

Ms Nally

Comprehension Strategies March 24th

English March 24 Cautious Caterpillar Story

Maths March 24