Tuesday 28th  April 2020


An e mail was sent yesterday regarding your child’s sign in details. Please contact me at stcolum56@gmail.com if you are experiencing difficulties. This is a work in progress. I have most 5th class families accessing the seesaw app {both class and family apps}. Thank you for your support. 6th class students will be added next week. Please watch this tutorial video for tips on how to use the app. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5jG9VoROFs


Here are your tasks for today.

[1] Folensonline.ie

Make sure that you have set up your account for www.folensonline.ie.

  • Username – stcolum@gmail.com
  • Password – Stcolum2020!
  • Be sure to add the exclamation mark ! at the end of the password

[2] Literacy


{5th} Starlight  Poster 13 – Under the Sea {Listen to ‘Flyers’}

Starlight Book – Read Unit 13 A : ‘How Do Deep Sea Creatures Survive’. If you would like, send me an audio of you reading a paragraph or two on SeeSaw App through your Journal. Today look up the new vocabulary words {in bold writing} in a dictionary or an online dictionary.

{6th} Starlight  Poster 13 – Gorgeous Geology  {Listen to ‘Flyers’}

Starlight Book – Read Unit 13 A :Geological Wonder. Write out the definition of the new vocabulary words {in bold writing}

[4] Maths

Adding fractions worksheet is attached..

Remember to {1} Multiply the denominators { bottom numbers} {2}Cross multiply {3} Simplify

6th Class Maths is n Mrs Murphy’s page – follow this link http://stcolumbanus.ie/6th-class-maths/

[5] Physical Activity

Follow Joe Wicks on Youtube

Adding fractions