Reading: Today I’d like you to log back into FolensOnline and search starlight junior infants. Click on resources. Click on unit. Click on 13. Pizza and Pancakes. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Core Reader 3- Let’s Make Pancakes. Click on open. Firstly, I’d like you to play the sight word game. You must listen to the word called out and pop the correct balloon. This game will help you practice your sight words from the story. Click into the story and press play. Listen to the reader reading the story. You can try join in with some of the words you know. Re read page 3 & 4 from yesterday and then read two new pages- 5 & 6.

Go to pg. 18 of your Starlight Workbook. Look at the four pictures. Talk about what is happening in each picture. Read the text beneath each image. Put the steps in the correct order. The first one is done for you. Colour in the four pictures.

Writing: Today we’re going to learn how to write the letter ‘t’. The letter t is another tall letter. It’s similar to the letter ‘l’ you did on Thursday and Friday. Starting at the dot go straight down and do a little flick at the end. It should look like the letter ‘l’. Now lift your pencil and put a little line going across the middle of it. You should practice tracing the letter in the air and on the table before doing any writing. If you have some playdough at home it would be great if you could make the letter using playdough. Make sure your fingers are warmed up before you start writing. Have a straight back against the chair, two feet on the floor (if you can reach!) and check your pencil grip before writing. Once you’re ready have a go at pg. 42 of your workbook. Take your time with your writing and if you need to take a break then do.

Maths: Look at the powerpoint ‘All About the number 5’. ***In the powerpoint don’t pay too much attention to how they write the number 5 as it is different to the way we do it. They have the starting dot in a different place to where we do.

Open your workbook on pg. 82. You need to write the number 5. Have a look at yesterday’s video again on writing the number 5 if you have forgotten. Make sure you start at the dot! After tracing the number 5 join the number to the set of 5 objects beside it. Count the objects to make sure there are 5 in the set.

Aistear: I’m sure you are all missing doing Aistear in school. You can make your own Aistear/role play corner space at home using teddies, puppets, dolls. You can involve any siblings in this too. Try to engage in 30 minutes of imaginative or role play every day.

Please continue to send photos of your child’s work to the email I love to see how they are getting on. If there are any questions/issues you might have please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

All About the Number 5