Good morning class.

Here are your tasks for today.

[1] Set up your account for

  • Username –
  • Password – Stcolum2020!
  • Be sure the exclamation mark at the end of the password

[2] Type in Starlight, go to your class level – 5th or 6th and click ‘Resources’.

Click on ‘Poster-12’ and click on the resources

[3] Continue the “Cup Song – as Gaeilge” learning. I can’t wait to see and hear it. Here are the links again



[4] Read the e book “Easter Story” [e book attached]

[5] Search and/or ask others for a shoe box. You will love what I have planned for the Easter Break.

[6] Work on Subtraction with decimals. [Answers sheet is attached but keep your mind occupied by doing the sums and self-correction]

Remember to read everyday, help around the house and get exercise !!!

Subtraction Decimals 2403b

Easter Story