This week we will be learning the ‘y’ sound. Look at the Jolly Phonics YouTube video below and practice singing along while doing the actions. (go to 8mins 40sec). Brainstorm with an adult all the ‘y’ words you can think of. (e.g. yellow, yoghurt, yo-yo, yacht, yawn, yoga, yesterday, yes, you, yolk, yard, yum, yuck). For today’s writing activity you could write a short list of y words in your copybook and draw some ‘y’ pictures. Log onto FolensOnline (login details are on the blog entry marked Wednesday 18th March for anyone that needs them). Search ‘Sounds Make Words’ in the search tab at the top of the page. Click on ‘Sounds Make Words Junior Infants 42 Sounds Resources’. Click on the tab ‘sound’. Click on ‘y’. Click ‘open’ on the ‘y portfolio’. Click into the four different categories: sound introduction, letter formation, word practice, rhyme. Finish off by watching the ‘y’ episode of Alphablocks below.

Here is a fun underwater counting game to help us practice our counting up to 10.