Today we will move onto a new story called ‘Charlie the Firefighter’ which I have attached below. We will continue to work on our comprehension strategies of making predictions, making connections and questioning. Here is the language we use when using our strategies:

Predictions: I have a prediction/ I predict that_______

Connections: I connect with this story because________

Questioning: I wonder who/ what/ where/ when/ why/ how_______

After the children are finished reading the story you could also play word bingo. Ask the children to find a specific word in the story. The children are very good at this and enjoy trying to count the amount of times certain words are used in the story.

In maths we will be working on capacity – how much liquid a container can hold. Help the children to do a ‘kitchen hunt’ and find as many containers as they can. These could be egg cups, bowls, jugs, mugs or anything else which will hold a liquid. Ask the children to see how many containers will fit into each other. For example, count how many egg cups full of water it takes to fill a bowl.

Also look at milk and juices to see what is written on their containers. Do they have an ‘L’ for litre or ‘ML’ for millilitre? Which is the bigger container ‘L’ or ‘ML’? I have also attached a worksheet for the children to complete (as a written activity or through discussion).

Here is a video about the Stone Age. Ask the children to watch the video and to tell you at least 2 new facts they have found out.

Have a wonderful day!

Ms Nally

English March 26 Charlie the Firefighter

English Story Maps March 25,27

Maths March 26