Good morning everyone!

Children have began sending me their work on Seesaw! A big well done to anyone who has sent in their work. Have you accessed your Seesaw account yet? Let me know today if you need help accessing it. Here is my email again

 Remember you must use a parent / guardians email address to log into Seesaw. It cannot be your own email account.

From next week on, all of your work will be uploaded onto the Seesaw app. This week, I will continue to upload it on the blog until you are all set up on Seesaw.

Keep up the great work!

Here are your tasks for today:

4th & 5th Class:

Planet Maths: 3D Shapes – Page 171. Question B. You NEED the Powerpoint I attached yesterday to do this question.

Starlight: Page 152. ‘Why Do We Laugh?’. Question: Section D.

3rd Class:

Maths: See ‘Blackboard’ page for your work set by Mrs Murphy

Starlight: Page 152. ‘How do Humans Digest a Tuna Sandwich’?. Question: Section D

4th Maths – 3D Shape Properties PPT