Good morning everyone! Thank you for your emails. It is great seeing how well the children are doing at home. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about any of the work I am setting. My email is

Please see below some activities your child can do today.

Starlight skills book: Please do pages 42 and 43 of your skills book today. Page 42: there is a focus on reading the sentence and deciding if it is true or false by writing yes or no.  Page 43 there is a focus on the words other and use. Please don’t worry if you don’t get both pages done today, just try your best to do what you can.

SESE: You have been learning about different sea creatures in your Starlight poster and about whales in your reader. I would like us to learn more about a sea creature- the sea turtle. Watch this short video and write two sentences about what you learned from it. Ask mam or dad to write your sentences for you to copy. Draw a picture of a sea turtle too! Use the copy I sent home with your books. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Email me at to show me your fabulous writing and drawing. Remember to use finger spaces between your words and keep your writing on the line.

Maths: Count in 2s to 20 or more if you can. Try and count backwards in twos to. Mam/Dad call out a number for your child to write between 1-100. Ask them what comes next and what came before it. Be careful of writing backwards numbers! Make sure you correct them if that happens.

Planet Maths (the big book) pg. 113. Add up the cent that Betsy spent in the shop. Look back on my maths videos I uploaded on Monday and Tuesday’s blog posts for adding if you need to.

Gaeilge: Abair Liom pg. 66. Look at the two videos I have uploaded. The first I go through some vocabulary for this task including the colours. In video two, I call out what to colour in for the task so it is important to watch both videos so you know what to do!  VIDEO 1–9IfCg VIDEO 2

Word Work: Please see attached new words for this week. Please do Thursday’s words today.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Word Work words 27th April- 1st May