Reading: Re read pages 3-8 of your reader. Read two new pages also pg. 9 & 10. If you are finding the reading difficult go back to the word list. Circle the words you are having difficulty with and practice them everyday. Once you know the word list you will have no problems with the reader.

Open pg. 19 of your Starlight workbook. Today we will be doing an activity on the sight words ‘for’ and ‘this’. (a) Colour the words for & this. (b) Match the words ‘for’ to the ‘for’ bowl and match the words ‘this’ to the ‘this’ bowl. (c) Read the three sentences and trace the missing words.

Writing: Today we’re going to learn how to write a new letter- the letter b. Have a look at me writing the letter in the video below. You should practice tracing the letter in the air and on the table before doing any writing. If you have some playdough at home it would be great if you could make the letter using playdough. Make sure your fingers are warmed up before you start writing. Have a straight back against the chair, two feet on the floor (if you can reach!) and check your pencil grip before writing. Once you’re ready have a go at pg. 46 of your workbook. Take your time with your writing and if you need to take a break then do.

Phonics: For anyone what was unable to log into FolensOnline and complete yesterday’s activity of looking at the ‘ch’ sound portfolio you can do this today. Log onto FolensOnline. Search ‘Sounds Make Words’ in the search tab at the top of the page. Click on ‘Sounds Make Words Junior Infants 42 Sounds Resources’. Click on the tab ‘sound’. Click on ‘ch’. Click ‘open’ on the ‘ch portfolio’. Click into the three different categories: sound introduction, word practice, rhyme.

I’d like to do some reading with you so listen to the video I’ve attached below and try to read some of the ‘ch’ flashcards. Pause the video as you go along if you need a little more thinking time. Use your knowledge of phonics when sounding out the words.

Maths: Go to pg. 85 of your Planet Maths book. Look at the different sets. Count the number of objects in each set and write the correct number in the box underneath.

Thanks to everyone who has sent on photos of their children’s work so far. I love to see how the children are getting on and I’m so impressed with the effort that is being put in at home. If anyone has any questions or would like to send on photos of their child’s work my email is