Good morning everyone! Yesterday I received amazing work from many of you! Well done it is fantastic to see you keeping up your school work at home.

You’ll be doing the last set of Starlight questions today. E can be tricky but just take your time and try your best!

For Maths I would like you to work on Mental Maths for the next two days. We work on Mental Maths every morning so I will be setting a little bit of Mental Maths work from the Planet Maths book one or two days in the week from now on. See below for page number and questions for today.

Keep up the great work!

Here are your tasks for today:

Email: send an email to Me at

4th & 5th Class:

Planet Maths: Page 102 Mental Maths 4 Question A 1-15

Starlight: page 146 ‘How are Comic Books Made?”. Answer Section E (grammar)

3rd Class:

Maths: See ‘Blackboard’ page for your work set by Mrs Murphy.  Follow this link

Starlight: page 146 ‘How Does the Human Eye Work?”. Answer Section E (grammar)