Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is keeping well.

Please see the following activities your child can do today.

Word work: Please see attached Thursday’s words your child can practice this week.

Jolly Phonics: Sounds revision. Revise sound ie. See Jolly phonics songs on youtube. Children sing song, write sound and together think of some words that have the ie sound e.g. tie. Encourage your child to use their knowledge of rhyming words to think of more words.

CVC rhyming words: I have attached a worksheet of cvc rhyming words. Children can do the first five today. If your child can think of more than three rhyming words please do include them I would love to see what they come up with! You can do this work in a copy or on a page if you are unable to print the worksheet.

Maths: Oral maths: Continue to practice forward, backwards counting to 20, skip counting in 2s.

Active Maths:

Revise 2D shapes circle, triangle, square, rectangle, heart, oval, hexagon

Use the YouTube video 2D Shapes I know to count sides and corners of the 2D shapes

Optional activity: Help your child to draw small 2D shapes which they can then cut out and use to make a shape picture!

Reading: Please continue to encourage your child to read as much as possible during this time. New story in reader: Cow takes a bow. One/two pages of reader is enough, but please read more if your child would like to.

PE/Music: Finish up your learning today with a guided dance on gonoodle, Poppin Bubbles!

cvc rhyming words 26

sight words 23rd-26th March