Good morning everyone! I hope you are all keeping well. Happy birthday to Sophie who is celebrating today and to Gerrard who had his birthday on Saturday! I hope you both had a lovely day. Please see below some activities your child can do today.

Literacy: News. Write your news from the weekend. Remember to use correct finger spacing and letter formation. Write 3 or 4 sentences or more if you wish. Please use the copy I sent home with your books if possible.

Example: Today is Monday. It is a cloudy day. I went to the park with my family during the weekend. I will help mam and dad with the dinner today.

Draw a picture of your news too and colour it in! Email me a picture of it if you can at I would love to see your lovely writing!

Maths: Count up as far as you can without making a mistake. What number did you land on? Count backwards from 30 today.

You are on number 13. What comes next? What number comes before 13? Ask mam/dad to do this with a few different numbers for you to practice.

You did great work on money last week. We will continue learning about money today. I would like you to practice adding different money amounts. Put price tags on some of your toys and go shopping again. This time buy two toys and see how much money you need to buy them, e.g. a doll is 5c and a teddy is 4c, how much money will you need to buy them both? Watch the short video I have prepared about shopping and adding money below.

Use your fingers, cubes or a number-line to help you add up if you need to. Your numbers together shouldn’t be bigger than 10c.

Planet Maths: pg. 110 of the big book. How much money is in each piggy bank?

Reading: All about Whales. What do you remember about the story from last week? What is a group of whales called? Why do they travel in the Winter time?

Revise these words:  breathe    hole     air   teeth

Read pages 36-38 of your reader.

Word Work: Please see attached new words for this week. Please do Monday’s words today.

End your day with this relaxation activity: Melting!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Word Work words 27th April- 1st May