Daily Activities

I hope everyone had a lovely Weekend! Please see the following activities your child can do today.

Word work: Please see attached the sight words your child can practice this week.

Word families: Colour the word family rhyme. Please see attached the word family worksheet. Encourage your child to think of other words which rhyme with the endings given, e.g. an= van, man, can etc. og= log, fog etc. Encourage your child to write their own word family rhymes if possible using the endings on the worksheet.

Jolly Phonics: Sounds revision. Revise sound ai. See Jolly phonics songs on youtube. Children sing song, write sound and together think of some words that have the ai sound e.g. rain. Encourage your child to use their knowledge of rhyming words to think of more words.

Letter formation: Please encourage your child to practice letter formation. Make sure they are starting their letters in the right place. We have been working on c, a, o and d. All these letters start in the same place. Children can think of words that start with each letter too, e.g. cat, ant, oak, door etc. Attached is a letter formation booklet the children can work on during the week. One page is enough per day.

Maths: Please complete mental maths activities like forwards and backwards counting, skip counting and use the maths websites I listed previously. Making Maths interactive and fun is very important for infants so please use as many of the resources I have provided as you like. Keep activities short. Attached is a number formation booklet the children can work on during the week. One page is enough per day.

Reading: Please continue to encourage your child to read as much as possible during this time. New story in reader: Cow takes a bow. One/two pages of reader is enough, but please read more if your child would like to.

colour the word family rhyme March 23

letter formation booklet a-z March 23-27

number formation 0-10 booklet March 23-27

sight words 23rd-26th March