Today we will skip count in fives! Here is the song to help

To continue practicing addition and subtraction, try this game ‘Blast Off’. The children loved progressing through the different levels when we played it in school. The game is tablet compatible.

Today, ask the children to give you a recount of the week. We have been busy practicing recounts in school and we use the words ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’ to structure our work.

Building on yesterdays video about the solar system, here is another video which goes into greater detail about the moon. Again, ask the children to share at least two new pieces of information they learned from the video with you.

If we finish art early on Friday, we watch some SpongeBob as Gaeilge. Follow this link and ask the children to pick an episode to watch. TG4 have a great range of episodes and it is a really fun way to keep the children immersed in the language!

Have a fantastic day!

Ms Nally