Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! I hope everyone is keeping well. Thank you to those of you who have signed up to seesaw. I set a task yesterday just to see how we all get on with it, and everyone seemed to manage it well! I will send another email between 10 and 11am today with a letter code if you need one. I will set another short task today to get us used to the apps features.

You can upload pictures of your child’s work directly to the app and it will go in their own folder. Thank you to those of you who did so yesterday! It is great seeing how well it is working. I will post videos and tasks using seesaw starting on Monday.

Remember if you have any questions please email me at

Please see below some activities your child can do today.

Literacy: Jolly Phonics: Ar sound. Play the song on youtube, sing along and do the action. Remember the ar words you thought of on Wednesday- can you think of any more ar words? Remember ar can be in the middle of the word- dart; the start of a word- art; or the end of a word- jar. Try and think of 1 ar word each in the middle of a word, start of a word and end of a word. (11 mins 53)

Log in to folensonline. Search sounds make words senior infants in the search bar. Click on resources and click on page 2. Find the ar sound and click open. Have a look at the ar word practice folder. Listen to the words, or if you like, turn off the sound and see if you can read the words by sounding them out.

Open up pg. 66 of your Sounds make words workbook. Complete this ar page today. Don’t worry if you don’t get all this work done today. Just try your best.

Maths: Skip count in 2s as far as you can go. Take it in turns with mam/dad to count backwards from 30. Mam/dad call out some numbers for your child to write down between 1- 100. Remember to correct any backwards numbers.

Watch this short video about the clock

Optional: Draw your own clock: draw a circle using a bowl/glass/something round. Write in all the numbers for the clock. Start at 12 at the top, 6 at the bottom, 3 at the side and 9 on the other side. Write in all the rest of the numbers. Draw two hands, one long minute hand and one short hour hand. You could colour in your minute and hour hands different colours to help you recognise them!

Gaeilge: Practice counting as gaeilge up to ten. Log in to folensonline. Search Abair Liom Senior infants in the search bar. Click on lesson 18 Mála nua. Click on comhrá. Listen to the comhrá a few times. Click on the home button and click on ceisteanna. Try the questions about the comhrá!

Art: Draw your favourite animal! There are plenty of examples online or in your story books at home if you want something to copy. Here is a step by step video of how to draw ten different animals! Choose one if you like and draw it.

Optional: Wind down after all that learning and concentration with this stretching activity:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!