Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!



I’ve been getting more work from some children on Seesaw which is fantastic to see! Some children have not yet accessed their account. I am hoping all children will have accessed their account by the end of the week. An e mail has been sent to parents about how to connect to SeeSaw Class App along with your individual code. Here is a tutorial for students . Here is a tutorial for parents

Please let me know if you need help accessing it. Here is my email again


Remember you must use a parent / guardians email address to log into Seesaw. It cannot be your own email account.


Keep up the great work!


Here are your tasks for today:


4th & 5th Class:

Planet Maths: Page 103 Mental Maths. Section C (try your best, don’t worry if you are unsure of some.)

Starlight: Page 152. ‘Why Do We Laugh?’. Question: Section E

3rd Class:

Maths: See ‘Blackboard’ page for your work set by Mrs Murphy

Starlight: Page 152. ‘How do Humans Digest a Tuna Sandwich’?. Question: Section E