Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Thanks again for your emails. It is brilliant to read and see how the children are getting on. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about any of the work I am setting. My email is

Please see below some activities your child can do today.

Reading: Log in to folensonline. Search Starlight senior infants in the search bar. Click on unit 11, Sea creatures. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the tab Big Book 11, Under the Sea. Click on the story, Under the Sea. Press play and listen to the story, or mam or dad can read it to you if they wish. This is a report all about different kinds of sea creatures! Answer these questions when you have finished listening to the story

  • Which do you find more interesting land animals or sea creatures? Why?
  • When might an octopus be in danger?
  • Why do you think sharks are good hunters?
  • How does a good sense of smell help sharks?

Handwriting: Do one page of the big book today

Maths: What month is it today? Name the days of the week and the months of the year. If it was Tuesday today, what day will it be tomorrow? If it was Sunday today, what day was it yesterday?

Planet Maths (the big book) pg. 114. For this task you need to add 3 numbers together. Remember when adding numbers to start at the bigger number and then add on. Then you need to tick yes or no on pg. 114

Optional: Play this money game You need to customise a car and pay with the correct coins for the different things you want to add. Press on the Europe flag to play the game in euro and press level 1.

Art: Here is a step by step video on how to draw a turtle following on from our learning about sea turtles yesterday! Enjoy!

Religion: May is an important month as it is the month of Mary. We especially remember Mary during this month. Practice saying the Hail Mary prayer at home, and think about the people who are sick in the world, or those that you would like to say a special prayer for. Remember to bless yourself too.

Optional: Colour in the attached colouring page of Mary

Word Work: Please see attached new words for this week. Please do Friday’s words today.

Have a lovely day everyone! Remember to email me any pictures of work or if you have any questions. I have received lots of lovely pictures of art work and workbook work, well done everyone!

Mary Stained Glass Colouring Sheet

Word Work words 27th April- 1st May