Cutting- Humpty Dumpty Story 4 Word ListReading: I’d like you to spend today catching up on your reading. Revise the word list attached below. Go over the pages we have read to date in your reader (pgs. 3-10). If you didn’t get around to doing all of your reading this week spend some time today catching up on it. Anyone that has been keeping up with the reading, there’s no harm in re reading pgs. 3-10 again.…/Cutting-Humpty-Dumpty.pdf

Writing: Instead of doing your handwriting book today I’d like you to focus on your cutting skills. Everybody should have received a scissors with their workbooks. Make sure when practicing cutting that you do so under adult supervision. I’ll upload a cutting page below and if you can print it that would be great. If you don’t have access to a printer, don’t worry. Ask mum or dad to draw some shapes- triangle, square, rectangle and circle (different sizes work best).

Phonics: Have another listen to the jolly phonics ‘ch’ song. Join in and sing along and practice the actions aswell. Revise the ‘ch’ flashcards video that I uploaded yesterday. You should be able to recognise the words more easily today.…/Story-4-Word-List-1.docx

Go to pg. 60 of your Sounds Make Words workbook. Say the ‘ch’ words by sounding them out. Trace the ‘ch’ sound under each picture. Write a line of ‘ch’. Be careful with your writing. Use the dots to help you. Copy the first ‘ch’ which has been done for you. To finish, colour the pictures with the ‘ch’ sound. Remember- ch can be at the end of the sound also (torch).

Maths: Watch the video below about counting items in a set. Once you have tried the activities in the video go to pg. 86 of your Planet Maths workbook. Count the items in the set and join them to the correct number- exactly like we did in the video.

I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. Thanks to all the parents who have sent me on pictures of their child’s work. It is much appreciated. Feel free to contact me on with any questions you might have or to send on photos of your child’s work. I love to see the progress they are making at home.