Good morning everyone! A big thanks again for all the emails with pictures of your work I have been getting.

Next week I will send on a CODE for you to get you all set up on an app called SEESAW. The work I set won’t change, but it means you can upload your work to this app and I can see it there. More details will be given on Monday.

I will also be posting more videos for Starlight next Monday. Let me know if the videos are helpful!

You have finished your Starlight questions for the week. Find your work for Literacy below!

Here is my email again

Keep up the great work!

Here are your tasks for today:

4th & 5th Class:

Planet Maths: Page 102. Mental Maths 4. Section B 1 – 9.

Literacy: Choose TEN VERBS and put them into sentences. Underline the VERB you used. (*remember, a VERB is a DOING word).

3rd Class:

Maths: See ‘Blackboard’ page for your work set by Mrs Murphy

Literacy: Homophone worksheet attached below.

3rd Literacy – Homophones